QPCG provides an in-depth analysis of an industry or sub-sector to identify growth, profitability, and sustainability. We ensure that our industry partners can make an educated decision.

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QPCG leverages its wealth of resources to actively search for investment opportunities that fall under our partners' investment profile in full confidentiality and privately provide research reports upon request.

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When internal resources do not suffice, our partner firms trust QPCG's execution in special situation projects, such as running a debt roadshow to raise capital.

Our team is comprised of high-caliber students with diverse backgrounds and experiences, who are keen to apply their skills beyond financial theories taught within the classroom.
We offer significant cost savings from hiring full-time professional advisory, research services, or consultants.
Projects create an ideal setting for corporate partners to interact with aspiring young leaders that are passionate about the industry.
Queen’s Private Capital Group is a fast-growing financial advisory service,
partnering with Canada’s top private equity and venture capital firms. 

One of the largest pension funds in Canada and one of the largest institutional investors.
One of Canada’s leading real estate companies with $16 billion AUM across North America and Europe.
An entrepreneurial investment firm that grows small to medium-sized businesses for the long-term.
PE firm with long-term capital and long-term investment orientation, focused on building sustainable growth.
Jacob Neufang
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Benji Rodkin
Goldman Sachs

Queen’s Private Capital Group is the best way for anyone interested in private markets to get involved. It’s a unique opportunity to work directly with clients and gain real world advisory experience. In particular, QPCG’s education program fosters a collaborative learning environment, which strives to teach its members and the broader student body about a variety of topics. QPCG has played an important role in my professional development, as several peers and alumni from the team have provided invaluable advice and mentorship. I’m excited to be a part of the alumni network as it continues to grow.

Dream Unlimited

We started Queen’s Private Capital Group as a way for students to bridge the gap between their studies and the private investments industry. You get to work with real companies and I think anyone involved will attest to the fact that you learn more than just pure finance. You learn how to think about businesses and trends, beyond textbooks and headlines. Given the group’s talented team, growing alumni base, and client roster, QPCG offers invaluable exposure whether you are working in finance, corporate development, private investments, or consulting. QPCG helped me form meaningful relationships with industry professionals and peers while I developed my skills and understanding – both have proven to be equally important in my career so far.

Royal Bank of Canada

Without a doubt, being a part of Queen’s Private Capital Group was the experience that had the greatest impact on me, in both a personal and professional capacity. Without the mentorship and guidance that I received as a junior member, I am certain that I would not be where I am today. I continue to maintain the relationships that I formed while being at QPCG and they continue to help me progress in my career. The opportunity to pay forward all the guidance I received and to share my knowledge from my own experiences with the younger members on the committee was something very special to me.

CPP Investment Board

My experience with Queen’s Private Capital Group has been and continues to be beneficial in my professional roles today. Private equity tends to be project-oriented and involves working in teams. QPCG gave me the opportunity to work on real projects, in a real professional environment, and with several well-regarded institutions. This has served as the best form of training for my full-time career. Furthermore, working in different roles within a team gave me perspective on the challenges that each member faces and has allowed me to more effectively tailor my work. Lastly, the skills and knowledge gained through the education platform prepared me for day one on the job. I look forward to seeing the club continue to develop, and for our alumni network to continue to grow.

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